Psychological Abuse

by Spunk

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released March 18, 2016

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered @ Scatter Brain Sound by Matt Tomasi



all rights reserved


Spunk Whitchurch Stouffville, Ontario

It's not Punk, it's Spunk.

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Track Name: Jump
Rippin' up the streets sayin' fuck your gang
I don't need a crew I don't need to hang
Burnin' all my bridges I don't give a fuck
Dustin' skids like it's a crime

Try and cross me I will smash your head
Till you're dead
Till you die

Take that fist and shove it up your

I still burn through every inch of my soul
Thinkin' how to kill you while still keepin' you whole
I wana show you off to the rest of your gang
So they'll finally know that just ain't how you hang

I won't crack I ain't startin' to fade
Quenching my thirst with your blood on my blade
Feeling you go cold is what keeps me warm
I'm leavin' you to rot and die alone

You. Dont. Fuck. With. Spunk.
Track Name: Feelin' Nice
Kick that shit cause it's startin' to crack
Twistin' through the air cause im feelin' whack
You're gunna taste my shit and that's a fact
Facin' death there's no turnin' back

Yeah! Board slidin' through this half pipe life
Yeah! Back n' forth like the blade of a knife
Yeah! Wax you up till you slip away
Yeah! Backside blunt cause im feelin' nice / OK
Track Name: I'm Fucked
He wont go to sleep and he wont go to bed.
Keeps smashing his shit. Keeps on banging his head.
He wont go to school and he wont go to work.
He keeps cheating the game. I'll keep my eyes on the hearse.

I'll brush my suit and I'll tighten my tie.
Cause I'm ready for the day that we all die.
I'm the spider on your neck, goosebumps on your skin.
I'm the Lord who buys your soul as your life runs thin.

I'm fucked cause I'm sick and I'm fucked cause I'm dead
and I'm fucked cause I'm bound to the beating of your flesh.
I'm fucked for the thrill and Im fucked cause I'm fucked
and I'm just fucking laughing as you spiral out of luck.
Track Name: Friends
Friends! Who needs em?
You're fine by yourself cause you're just gunna squeeze em'
Bros! Who needs em?
You're just callin' girls hoes while everyone knows

Your dick controls your mind and you
can't accept that you're a pig,
you're just a slug you're gunna lose
Track Name: Coke Head
You got your clothes and you got ripped jeans
Showin off your shit like i care what it means
I'm tryna hit my deck and get to the streets
Shred till you're dead man it wont be clean

Kick up the dirt
Freeze! For the squirt
Trip till you fall
Don't you stop

I don't give a fuck if you think you're the MAN
Draped to your knees wearing more than a grand
It's chewing up my mind and it's starting to bend
Cause i don't give a fuck about your coke head friends
Track Name: Psychological Abuse
Out of control
Can't stop me
Free bowls

Yeah! 2 cops couldn't stop me

Sittin' in the back mindin' my shit
Speed runnin' while I'm takin' a hit

Yeah! 2 cops couldn't stop me
I'm fucking out of control
Yeah! You can't contain me
I'm havin' breakfast in bed

Psychological abuse
I don't know what side to choose
Psychological abuse
The cum dungeon i can't refuse
Track Name: Burnin' Up 4 You
I have a fire
and it's burning in me
So if i burn you
you just gotta forgive me

You better hope hell gets there first
Cause I'm wishing you the worst

I met the devil
and he tried to forgive me
He put his hand right out
Spat right in his face and said you'll never forgive me

You're gonna rot in hell
Lucky it's not my spell
Burning your flesh with a rosary
Always under my spell
Track Name: Pig
I'm gunna start shit
You better watch it
I'm gunna start shit
Get fucked pigs

I know you don't give a fuck about me and I couldn't care less
Ya you're gunna flip out and ill have your head right up your ass
Put you direct to the source so you can finally taste your own shit
Yeah man eat your own shit
Yeah man I hope you taste it
Track Name: Dead in a Park
I left you at the bar to die
Bruised Cut up
I left you at the park to die
Wet and
With maggots in your fuckin' eye
Waxed and
and you will never see the light of day

Worms and dirt will eat your flesh
You're worms and dirt
There's nothing left
Track Name: In My Head
Track Name: I Feel...
I'm heatin' up
I'm catching flame
This pan is cooking
My fucking brain
Twisting the knife
In my gut again
I'm starting to dig the pain
Losing sight
Nothing to gain

I think I'm going insane

Got a grip
On the streein' wheel
I met the devil
and I cut a deal
He said crash the car
He said turn the wheel
He said put that pedal to the floor and burn everything you feel

I'm fucking insane