Directionless Fury

by Spunk

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released May 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Spunk Whitchurch Stouffville, Ontario

It's not Punk, it's Spunk.

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Track Name: Directionless Fury
slide the blade
against the bone
slide the blade
across the throat

directionless fury

knuckles crushed
against the stone
headless crust
upon his throne
Track Name: Fake Deep
you wink and sigh
on your fake deep high
but I'm sick of the sneak
you transparent freak
you smile and spit
convoluted shit
while you don't even know
the fucking half of it

fuelled by love and you romanticize
hiding behind the words you think you've got a disguise
and you'll never really know the real damage you've done
but real love prevails like a loaded gun

so touch the trigger and squeeze
go on and kill me please
i can see that you want it
lets see you beg on your knees

i see that you can't wait
i see that you can

and now i know I'm not the only one
and that my mind aint' fucked even all covered in blood
now since the spotlights gone you can't insert yourself
i'm sorry that you thought you were like no one else
and in your mind it'll all resolve
and in your mind you did nothing wrong
and in your mind you're still the golden sun
but real love prevails like a loaded gun

you don't fuck with spunk
Track Name: Heat
cherries press down into
souls searing flesh
sounds of death cries below
hells burning breath
a test of faith and trust
melting wounds deep
a test of fate it must
break the life theme

let me feel my everything

break it off see it thin
pooled thick in blood
break the crust needle sting
cold soothing fun
burn deep inside the lung
taste human flesh
two layers split undone
skids never rest

burn. burn. burn.
and let me feel the heat
Track Name: I Can't Stop It
a hard clench
grinding deep
hairs on end
and tingling feet
eyes pealed
focused in
sweat and sigh
let the trip begin

i can't feel my anything
i can't stop it
i can't stop but when it stops i want it to begin again

i feel I'm coming down again
i feel I'm cold and still again
i feel the crave again
i feel I'm fucking up

i feel...
Track Name: Paranoid Superstition
breathing fate
haze won't end
gasoline and paint
they're always awake and counting

i can't break
the fall is a weight
in a haggard state
so i'll take it in

undead paranoid superstition
unfiltered death seeking vagabond
disgorge inflicted pain confessions
a surge of dark red clotting and scars

i'm paranoid

torn to hate
ripped up thin
breathe it in and wait
they're always awake and counting

cut it out before the rust
break it down
psychological crutch
Track Name: Scalp
scrape your teeth
dark corruption
shine your badge
till corrosion
stomp the streets
with a purpose
strap up tight
for the hearse before us

we want peace and you want war

i got my blade and I'm gripping it tight
with a nazi scalp i'm gunna flex tonight

i'll cut a scar
to make you wish you were dead
cutting deep
in your forehead
burn your past
you wish you could
but now the truth is out
and there's no starting new

burn in fucking hell
nazi scum

dark corruption
death construction
hate motivation
war isn't freedom
Track Name: Sleepy Hollow
driving in there i'd see
the white pillars and virgin marys
you could smell the gasoline
off the dirtbikes and atv's

rich kids are a different disease

we cut our hands in the back
by the neighbours old dirtbike tracks
used a rusty swiss army blade
and the blood pooled like the tears on moms face

in the cut up fields and weeds
we would shoot each other
we would die for free
we'd make our trouble
and put our faith in trees
it was evolution
a boy into a beast
Track Name: Spunk
we can never fall asleep
we can never eat the glass
we can never follow footsteps
and get caught up in the heap
falling into shadows
falling into debt
falling into fame and shame
and piles of regret

i don't care if you're black or white
if you're he or she
of if you pray on your knees
i just care about the words you speak
coming together as one
and spreading peace

we can always speak our mind
we can always follow through
we can always stand up strong
with our spunk and change the times
with a fist up in the air
with a stand and with a voice
with opportunity to speak
for those without the choice

Track Name: Thorn
all i hear is a silent hum
my chest is bursting like the beat of a drum
my life is a side effect
a to b is a train wreck
burning like insects
flesh scent
i cuss

chipped teeth cut harder cause
damaged minds have no feeling of
black thorns at the back of the bus

i trip
i slip
i take and take until
i trip
i slip
i start thinking with an iron fist

i'll take your life away


we bled
we said
we wished
the other dead
i'll show my thorns
my body's torn
and when I'm old these scars will show just like before
when they were scabs
all bloody red
you'd cackle and i hope it helped put you to bed
you kicked the door
while i was taking a shit
you laughed and you laughed but I'm sick of it
your damaged mind
a suicide
Track Name: Wild Beast
carts roll on the
rickety beams
feel the structure shaking
underneath the rails
and the rust
locked in
by choice
i couldn't see that my time was
running thin
cutting in
through the wood beams
through my knees
i'm feeling my bones shake
i'm feeling like staying high
ride or die
face to face with the beast itself
rabid as hell
i aint afraid to know
i aint afraid to die
Track Name: You're So Sick
under the footsteps of a life above
biting and scratching skin to expel love
i can't relax now that i'm starting to squirm
the way you move your body's making me hurt

ya you're makin me hurt
cause you're so sick

release the world you're got inside your palm
i'm like an ice cream dripping slow and calm
come lick me up just as i'm starting to squirm
the way you move your body's making me hurt

sink your teeth in
take me down
and rough me up